Marriage Preparation –  St. Matthew Church

Marriage in the Catholic tradition is a covenant – a sacred vow which, like God’s promise of love to us, can never be broken. From the beginning, God created man and woman to be joined as a sign of His love both to each other and to the world.

In the Catholic Church, Marriage is one of seven Sacraments – a sacred sign that presents to the world a deeper spiritual reality. A man and woman in marriage reveal the full, free, faithful and fruitful love that Jesus Christ has for each of us.

At St. Matthew Church, we welcome couples that want to receive the Sacrament of Marriage and share in your special day! It is a requirement for all couples to reserve their wedding day six months prior to your wedding date as well as complete the marriage preparation course. Please  contact our office at (630) 469-6300, ext. 304 or via email at to reserve an appointment with us.

May God bless you and be with you in your journey in the Sacrament of Marriage.

Carmen Amezquita and Luis Amezquita 

Marriage Preparation Ministry – Head Sponsor Couple 

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