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This form is for families to use to register their children in the faith formation program.
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Please check 1 Sunday Faith Formation class time most convenient for your family. The time slot you choose will be the time your child(ren) come to SFF all year(Required)
Please note that all classes are taught in English
All parents AND children MUST attend one of these Sunday Faith Formation Parent Meetings. I will attend the Faith Formation Parent Meeting in Church at 7:00 PM on the following date(Required)
By typing my name in the above box, I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the following knowledge. Sunday Faith Formation Dates: 2023 = A Helpful Recommendation for Parents: It is a great idea to write the dates for ALL parent meetings and classes for BOTH Sunday Faith Formation AND Sacrament preparation as well as dates of Sacraments in your family calendar immediately so they are not forgotten. I promise that: · My child(ren) will be on time for SFF classes since classes are short, and content missed will not be made up. · I will walk my children into the building AND stay in Hurley Hall for Sunday Parent Formation (SPF) while my child(ren) are in class so as to be better able to fulfill my role as the 1st and most important teacher of the Catholic faith. Also, it is not safe to drop kids off or pick them up in the parking lot. · My family will attend Mass together EVERY WEEK, as prescribed in the Precepts of the Catholic Church, either before or following my chosen Sunday Faith Formation (SFF) class time. · I agree that I will not allow my child to be absent from SFF more than 3 times (10% of classes).
Please indicate how many Children you are registering in the box above. Also please bring your child’s Baptism and/or 1st Communion certificates to the Faith Formation Meeting. All students enrolled in Sunday Faith Formation classes must have their sacramental records on file in the Faith Formation Office.

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