Welcome to St. Matthew Parish!


The parish is the place where Jesus touches our lives through the sacraments, especially through the Eucharist which we receive weekly, while some receive daily. Jesus is the center of our life and in the Sacraments of Eucharist and Reconciliation we meet the loving and forgiving God. 

As you will see, our parish is involved with the activities of many people and we try to share the responsibility of stewardship by committing our time, talents and treasure.  Please consider one or two areas of service in which you will be able to serve.  In this way, you will be serving the Church and making this parish your own.  Remember the familiar saying, "Many hands make light work."

Thank you for visiting our parish and I hope you have many years as a member of our special community.

Sincerely in Christ,

The parish community of St. Matthew


Our Mission

St. Matthew Mission Statement:    
We, the members of the St. Matthew Parish community being many parts but one sacramental body, are sent by the love of God to make Christ present in the world. 

Declaración de la Misión de la Parroquia San Mateo:  
 Nosotros, los miembros de la comunidad parroquial de San Mateo, siendo muchas partes, pero un solo cuerpo sacramental, somos enviados por el amor de Dios para hacer presente a Cristo en el mundo.

From Our Pastor:

Here’s a bold statement from our faith: Christ is King.  He always has been and always will be King.  He is King of all places, of all times, of all nations, of all people.  Today’s celebration at Mass proclaims that Christ is King.  We know that often Christ’s rule is unknown, similar to our following the rule of gravity whether we know of it or not.  Other times, the reign of Christ is discovered; then comes the most important decision of our life, a decision that will last for eternity.  Will we embrace Christ and follow him, or reject Christ and separate ourselves from him?  Try walking off a cliff—rebelling against the rule of gravity will cost you your life.  Rebelling against the rule of Christ will cost you eternal life.
Who will rule us?  Who will be king over our hearts?  This drama is not only played out in the human heart.  It is a struggle encompassing all nations throughout history.  God has given us a hint of his ruling power in the various types of government that exist in time.  Jesus had to remind Pilate that ultimately, Pilate’s authority to rule came from above.  In meeting Christ, Pilate now had to decide for or against him—he chose to crucify him.  So it is with governmental rule throughout history; Christ may be unknown, but once he is revealed, a choice must be made.  If we ignore Christ’s rule, others will claim the earthly realm.  Some tyrants claim to speak for God, committing violence falsely in his name.  We willingly let other tyrants rule over us, when we yield to the sinful amusements of the entertainment industry.
The struggle continues throughout our national and personal history.  We mistakenly think that surrendering to the rule of Christ the King is somehow demeaning or ‘not fun.’  Actually, the opposite is true.  The saints proclaim the joy of following Christ here and now.  They tell us that only in Christ will we find the joy that never ends, because this life will end for each one of us.  When we willingly offer ourselves to Christ, we find our life and salvation.  It’s like a guy with a hang glider.  He knows and respects and follows the rule of gravity.  He can walk off a cliff and soar to places he couldn’t go on his own—he can fly.  So it is with those who put on Christ, who know him and respect him and place themselves under his rule.  By the power of Christ, you can fly, you can go to places you never even dreamed of.  With Christ the King, you can soar to heaven!
We have a King who is all-kind, all-powerful, all-loving.  He surpasses any leader we could elect or crown.  We have a King who is so humble, who serves us and gives his life in order that we may live.  We should be filled, brimming over with gratitude to him.  So as we celebrate Thanksgiving this week, let us also be thankful that Christ is our King.
With my prayers,

Fr. Jerome