Welcome to St. Matthew Parish!


The parish is the place where Jesus touches our lives through the sacraments, especially through the Eucharist which we receive weekly, while some receive daily. Jesus is the center of our life and in the Sacraments of Eucharist and Reconciliation we meet the loving and forgiving God. 

As you will see, our parish is involved with the activities of many people and we try to share the responsibility of stewardship by committing our time, talents and treasure.  Please consider one or two areas of service in which you will be able to serve.  In this way, you will be serving the Church and making this parish your own.  Remember the familiar saying, "Many hands make light work."

Thank you for visiting our parish and I hope you have many years as a member of our special community.

Sincerely in Christ,

The parish community of St. Matthew


Our Mission

St. Matthew Mission Statement:    
We, the members of the St. Matthew Parish community being many parts but one sacramental body, are sent by the love of God to make Christ present in the world. 

Declaración de la Misión de la Parroquia San Mateo:  
 Nosotros, los miembros de la comunidad parroquial de San Mateo, siendo muchas partes, pero un solo cuerpo sacramental, somos enviados por el amor de Dios para hacer presente a Cristo en el mundo.


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From Our Pastor:

On the Road Again…
By the time you read this on Sunday, I should have arrived in Krakow along with eleven other members representing our St. Matthew parish family. We are traveling together with young people from all over the world to meet with Pope Francis. Actually, Pope Francis is not at the center of our meeting—we are really gathering together to deepen our faith in Jesus Christ.
Now obviously, you don’t have to travel all the way to Poland to meet our Lord. As your pastor has joyfully proclaimed again and again: Jesus loves St. Matthew in Glendale Heights so much that he comes here in the flesh every time we celebrate the Holy Eucharist. Yet as surely as I say it and as strongly as you believe it, there are still many people who do not believe it enough to run and meet our Lord. This should not surprise us; probably many of us have wandered from our Lord at one time or another during our life. This can often happen when we are younger. We might feel that the Catholic faith was simply something that came from our parents. Maybe we thought being Catholic was what most people did in our part of the country or our part of the world. Later in life, some people feel that they grow up and grow out of their faith. Other people think that trying to live like Christ is boring; it looks like the sinners have all the fun! God in his kindness and patience gives us so many second chances, opportunities to wander back to him. Life is filled with this wandering, away from God and back towards him.
Wandering toward our Lord—this is a good description of what a pilgrimage like World Youth Day is meant to be like. In Krakow, our parishioners will have the opportunity to see young people their own age, yet from all over the world, who share their common Catholic faith in Jesus Christ. The Catholic faith is shared in a living, vibrant way by so many people. And that means Christ can meet us at any age. This Catholic faith, this union with Christ, it should move young adults to be leaders and nurture faith in those who are children. It should move them to connect to those who are older and to learn from them how faith can sustain us in our final days. Sure, we can wander from Christ at any age. But Christ in his great love for us wants to walk with us at each step of our life. The sooner we discover that, the better. Our life is at its fullest when we meet Christ and walk with him, no matter how old we are. At fifty-one, I am not so fond of sleeping outside with a large group of people on a Saturday night. I am, however, deeply eager to hand on the faith we share to those who will remain after me, helping them to celebrate Sunday Mass with Pope Francis. May our young people and all of us remain strong in our faith in Jesus Christ.
So although a rather large ocean separates us in the days ahead, our faith in Christ unites us. We are members of the same Body of Christ. As you celebrate your Sunday Mass this week and next at St. Matthew, we will celebrate in Krakow, bound to one another and with all the saints and angels in heaven. Which is where our wanderings must be headed: Christ in Heaven is the end of our journey. And he counts on each one of us to help all of us arrive there—young and old. Please pray for us as we pray for you. And let us all pray for Pope Francis, the good shepherd Christ has placed over us at this time in the history of his Church. With God’s help and the guidance of our guardian angels, we hope to return to you on the first of August.
With my prayers,
Fr. Jerome
P.S. I know our parish group is so grateful to all of you who have supported the trip in any way, through your prayers and gifts. Thank you and God bless you!