Welcome to St. Matthew Parish!



The parish is the place where Jesus touches our lives through the sacraments, especially through the Eucharist which we receive weekly, while some receive daily. Jesus is the center of our life and in the Sacraments of Eucharist and Reconciliation we meet the loving and forgiving God. 

As you will see, our parish is involved with the activities of many people and we try to share the responsibility of stewardship by committing our time, talents and treasure.  Please consider one or two areas of service in which you will be able to serve.  In this way, you will be serving the Church and making this parish your own.  Remember the familiar saying, "Many hands make light work."

Thank you for visiting our parish and I hope you have many years as a member of our special community.

Sincerely in Christ,

The parish community of St. Matthew


Our Mission

St. Matthew Mission Statement:    
We, the members of the St. Matthew Parish community being many parts but one sacramental body, are sent by the love of God to make Christ present in the world. 

Declaración de la Misión de la Parroquia San Mateo:  
 Nosotros, los miembros de la comunidad parroquial de San Mateo, siendo muchas partes, pero un solo cuerpo sacramental, somos enviados por el amor de Dios para hacer presente a Cristo en el mundo.

From Our Pastor:

Everyone who drives knows that the road is filled with signs. This is actually a good thing; it’s good to know what’s coming down the road. The sign could say ‘70 miles per hour’ and you’ll fly down the open road; or it could say ‘45 miles per hour ahead,’ that means a construction zone is coming. The sign could say ‘Scenic View Ahead’ or ‘Watch for Falling Rocks.’ We might respond with expectant delight or fearful dread. Regardless of our mood, we’d better adjust our driving to get ready for what’s coming down the road. Our life depends on it.
God sends us signs, too. Here’s how St. Luke describes it, “And this will be a sign for you: you will find an infant wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger. (Luke 2:12)” Christ himself is a sign for us. He is present here and now in our world, yet he is also telling us what’s coming down the road. This includes our own personal journey and the journey of all humanity throughout the world, throughout time as we travel to the point where time will end. Each Advent is a grace-filled sign for us, to make sure we are on the right track.
           Advent has a two-fold character, for it is a time of preparation for the Solemnities of Christmas, in which the First Coming of the Son of God to humanity
           is remembered, and likewise a time of when, by remembrance of this, minds and hearts are led to look forward to Christ’s Second Coming at the end of
           time. For these two reasons, Advent is a period of devout and expectant delight.” (Universal Norms for the Liturgical Calendar, 39)
Since the world sends us signs, and since God sends us signs, I’ve sent a sign from our parish of St. Matthew. Every family received a card in the mail with our parish events from now until Christmas. It’s not just a list of things we do at the parish. It’s also a list of some things that Catholics are doing all throughout the world. So it is also a list of some things that Christ is doing. So if you want to follow Christ along the way, simply read the signs. When will you come to Mass? When will you come to Confession? When will you pray? How will you stay close to Christ throughout the day, throughout the season, throughout his season? Our world sure needs more people who follow the signs of Christ and the sign of Christ himself.
No wonder we all react to Christ in different ways, at different times in our lives. Sometimes it is with expectance delight, other times it is with fearful dread. Regardless of our mood, we have to adjust for Christ. Our life depends on it. At all times look to him, even if it by glancing at a simple Nativity scene on a Christmas card and then raising your heart and mind to heaven. Because Christ is the ultimate sign. That infant wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in the manger has gone before us. He knows what’s coming down the road, because he is the Way. And he would love to travel along the way with us. We simply need to follow the Sign that is Jesus. Let’s travel together more closely to him as a parish family during these days of Advent, so that we may arrive together with joy at the Holy Days of Christmas. May this Advent and this Christmas bring us closer to our final resting place in Christ and his eternal joy.
Come Lord Jesus!
Fr. Jerome