Children’s Faith Formation

Update posted May 22, 2020: From Deacon Mick

 First Communions and Confirmations/                               Primeras Comuniones y Confirmaciones

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At Home Faith Formation Information During the COVID-19 class cancellations

During this difficult time we wanted to ensure that you and your child(ren) still feel connected to the Catholic faith and to the formation program that they are enrolled in.  We are committed to providing the resources our teachers use for each Sunday Children’s Faith Formation class to you so that you may ‘hold class’ with your child.  Each of the resources is for a specific grade level so be careful when viewing or downloading.  Everything you need should be contained in the resource packet.  If you should have any questions you can call Deacon Mick at 630-469-6300×314 or email at

Also, there is a terrific website called ‘Catholic Mom’ out there that has great resources for the entire family. The younger children especially enjoy the coloring page that is available for each Sunday under KIDS -> SUNDAY GOSPEL ACTIVITIES and then scroll down until you find the Sunday date that you’re teaching your child.  The website can be found here at CATHOLIC MOM.

IMPORTANT NOTE:   Students in Grade 8 & above will use the information in the Confirmation section below. Please note that all Grade 8 & above  students will use their Blue Folder resource described in the Sunday classes section. Students in their 2nd year of formation classes seeking Confirmation will also follow the direction in the Confirmation Classes section.

Sunday Children’s Faith Formation


We’re happy to introduce GOD, FAMILY, FRIENDS! to our St. Matthew families!  This resource is developed by the diocese of Joliet and is a great resource to help families keep Sunday Holy!!!

 June 7, 2020 – Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity

7 de Junoe, 2020 – Solemnidad de la Santissima Trinidad


Past Issues

May 31, 2020 – Pentecost Sunday

31 de Mayo, 2020 – Domingo de Pentecostes

May 24, 2020 – The Ascension of our Lord

24 de Mayo, 2020 – Solemnidad de la Ascension del Senor

 May 17, 2021 Sixth Sunday of Easter – English

17 de Mayo, 2021 VI Domingo de Pasqua – Español

Confirmation Formation

Information and lesson guidance for students preparing to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation this Spring:

As parents of confirmation candidates are aware of, these students are currently working on a different curriculum. During their Sunday Formation classes they utilize a blue folder of handouts and during their Confirmation Classes they utilize ‘Decision Point’.  The good news is that confirmation students have everything they need to continue their lessons already with them; both Sunday lessons and their Confirmation Prep.  Please remember that parents are the ‘primary teachers of the faith’; don’t simply make your child do the lesson…work with them on it.

Sunday Classes for those in Grade 8 or higher:

Here is an excerpt from the syllabus for these Sunday classes.  The last column is the handout number contained in the blue folder.

March 8, 2020 Election: Sayng “Yes” to Jesus E1
March 15, 2020 The Creed E4
March 22, 2020 The Way of the Cross E5
March 29, 2020 The Meaning of Holy Week E7
April 5, 2020 The Lord’s Prayer E6
April 12, 2020 Your Spiritual Gifts M3
April 12, 2020 Living the Virtues M6
April 19, 2020 Family Life and Evangelization M7 & M8

Confirmation Classes:

St. Matthew Confirmation students are using Decision Point which is a video/book curriculum.  The videos are available online in two ways and the book is already in the hands of the Confirmation students.  The Decision Point videos may be accessed by clicking here -> DECISION POINT  For your added convenience, Decision Point also has a free app that can be downloaded from the app store on your android or ios device (for example, Samsung or iPhone).  Parents, please read through the letter or email you will be receiving in the next few days from the Faith Formation Office regarding Confirmation Prep.  Remember that you should lead your child in these lessons, not simply assign them. 

Thank you so much for being present to your child on their Journey of Faith!

Children’s Faith Formation

In the event of severe weather, St. Matthew will communicate to families of our Children’s Faith Formation program in many ways including local television and radio as well as the internet. The most effective way to monitor emergency closing situation is by clicking on the link below for up to date information.

You may also choose to sign up for E-mail notification on this website so in the event that Faith Formation classes/activities are cancelled, you would automatically receive a message.

St. Matthew Parish has adopted a formation program designed for today’s busy families and one that will help families to keep holy the Lord’s Day. All general faith formation will take place on Sunday in our St. Matthew School. Families will have the choice between three sessions taking into consideration what Mass the family participates in. The Sunday Formation sessions are 30 minutes in length and run from mid-September through late April.

This is a Lectionary based catechetical approach and is based on grade level. We can accommodate every grade level at any of the three sessions. Preparation for celebrating sacraments is in addition to Sunday Formation. All students seeking to celebrate Confession, First Communion, and/or Confirmation must be enrolled in our Sunday Formation Program.

Sunday Formation

9:15am Session – families may either participate in the 8am Mass and then have the children attend their formation class or attend their formation class first and then, as a family, participate in the 10am Mass. This session ends at 9:45am.

11:15 Session – the timing of this session allows families the opportunity to participate in the 10am Mass and then have their children attend their faith formation class or have their children attend their faith formation class first and then, as a family, participate in the 12 noon Mass. This session ends at 11:45am.

12:45pm Session – Families choosing to have their children attend this session must have the intention to participate in the 1:30pm Mass in Español. This session ends at 1:15pm.


Sacramental Preparation – children seeking to celebrate sacraments must be in their second year of Sunday Formation. Good attendance for Sunday Formation classes is a requirement to be enrolled for sacramental preparation classes. At the time of enrollment we will review with each family the sacramental needs of each child and enroll them in the appropriate classes.

Reconciliation (Confession) Classes – are typically two 1.5 hour sessions on two Saturdays in December. The children’s First Reconciliation will be scheduled in January.

Communion (Eucharist) Classes – are typically scheduled in February and are on four Saturday mornings. Each class is 1.5 hours.

Confirmation Classes – Students preparing for Confirmation will attend seven Confirmation classes which are held on Wednesday evenings and are 1.5 hours each. These classes are typically scheduled during March & April. Candidates for Confirmation are also required to participate in a Confirmation Retreat and to demonstrate their ‘Love of Neighbor’ by completing service projects.

Enrollment in Parish Faith Formation Programs

While we recommend that each child begin their journey in our catechetical program, St. Matthew recognizes the role of the parents as the primary teachers of faith (from the Rite of Baptism)for their children. While it is traditional for a child to begin their journey to their First Reconciliation and First Communion in first grade and complete their preparation in second grade, and then continue in their formation towards Confirmation in eighth grade, we realize this is not always the case. In the event children are enrolled in our program ‘out of sequence’, we have to assume that the parents have been teaching their children their prayers and other Church teachings. Below is a document of what each child should know by grade level. These are the minimum expectations we have for each student at the time of enrollment.

Due to enrollment concerns, the following procedures must be respected to assure effective registration. Please understand that each child must be enrolled every year they are involved with our parish faith formation classes.

New Enrollments

  • All families must be registered parishioners.
  • Photocopies of Baptismal and Eucharist certificates (if applicable) are required. No child is allowed to begin classes until this requirement is fulfilled or granted an extension by the director.
  • If transferring from another parish, a letter stating the status of your child’s catechetical formation is necessary.
  • Families that have moved into the area during the school year will be given individual consideration.
  • Tuition and all other fees are expected to be paid in full at the time of Enrollment. This allows us to maintain an affordable program.

Regular Enrollment

For families currently enrolled in the program, the procedure is as follows.

  • Enrollment information for the upcoming year will be available in mid-May. This will include the enrollment period,
  • Tuition and all other fees are expected to be paid in full at the time of Enrollment.
  • Parents (or legal guardians) must complete the enrollment form.
  • Parents are expected to attend a parent meeting scheduled just before classes begin.
Enrollment for the upcoming catechetical year closes on September 15th. Enrollment after September 1st will incur a late enrollment fee.


The tuition and other fees cover a portion of the program expenditures. The parish subsidizes the remaining costs. Revenues are applied toward facility usage, the cost of classroom materials (including textbooks where applicable), and the formation of the catechists.

All families are expected to pay the tuition and other fees. However, no child will be denied religious education due to financial difficulties. Families should contact the Faith Formation Office (630-469-5178) in these matters.  A $25 late enrollment fee will be applied to all enrollments after September 1st.

2019-20 Tuition Schedule
Sunday Formation tuition is $175.00 per family regardless of the number of children in the family. Families may not be combined

Sacramental Fees
First Reconciliation (Confession): $20 per student (payable in the second year of preparation)

*Note: students entering the program in grade 6 or higher will prepare for their First Reconciliation during their first year of formation

First Communion: $40.00 (payable in the second year of preparation)
Confirmation: $75.00 (payable in the second year of preparation) 


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